Splash Into Summer with Shari Rowe’s New Single "Beach Town"

Already sun-kissed from the Arizona sun, Shari Rowe is sure to make waves with her new summer single "Beach Town," releasing June 18.

Whether your summer plans include enjoying a melting popsicle in the blistering heat on a boardwalk, running barefoot through the sand on a crowded beach, or sitting in a lawn chair with a drink in hand in your own backyard, "Beach Town" is sure to rise to the top of your favorite summer playlist.

This fun-in-the-sun, beach beat glorifies the season of tanned-skin, salty hair, bare feet and being carefree – easy-breezy young love, providing the perfect escape from the weekday blues. Shari Rowe transports listeners to the ultimate vacation lifestyle, getting lost in the summer tunes on a beach with your love, while captivating her listeners with the perfect uptempo, country sing-along anthem.