Shari Rowe sets the desert sky on fire with Night Ridin' — the spring-awakening single, where sheer bliss is not merely coveted, but captured within the spectacular 'now'. Leaving regret and fear in the rearview mirror, Night Ridin' looks no further than the distant horizon to discover the perfect moment. With manifest optimism and melodic magnitism, Shari Rowe snaps a lyrical polaroid of what it feels like to find forever in someone else's eyes. In embracing the beauty of simplicity, Shari Rowe achieves true artistic authenticity —a feat that undoubtedly earned her a spot on the stage of the 25th Annual Celebrity Fight Night, alongside industry legends Reba McEntire and Barry Manilow. In honor of performing at one of the nation's most elite charity events, Shari Rowe will celebrate one milestone after another  by releasing Night Ridin' on the eve of Celebrity Fight Night—  Friday, March 22, 2019!