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Southern Fellow Magazine | “Night Ridin'” The New Single From Shari Rowe

“Night Ridin'” is one of those casual love songs that feels like you are being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold night. Growing up in a small town like I did, “Night Ridin'” was just the way you went on a date with little money and a whole lot of time. However, I dare you to dig a little deeper. I think this song should be an anthem for love not just for nostalgia, but to remind us to turn down the noise that overwhelms our relationships today.

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Dirt Road Anthems | Shari Rowe Releases "Night Ridin"

Shari Rowe has just released brand new music.

The new single, "Night Ridin'" finds Rowe singing about living in the moment with the one you love. Those moments of sheer bliss. Gone are the thoughts of regret and fear.

Rowe captures those feelings and creates a story that will have listeners instantly hooked.

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Nashville Music Guide | Shari Rowe Will Put A Southern Spell On You

Shari Rowe’s single, Southern Spells, released on May 22 with a new feel to an old sound we have grown to love in country music. Following her bluegrass rooted “Take that Shot” single from September 2016; the sound of Southern Spells has a classic country feel that stays true to Rowe’s love of fiddle riffs and moving lyrics that speak to the southerner in us all.

Southern Spells packs a harmonic and textured sound that plays like the theme song of a cowboy hat, a cold brew, and night at the Grand Ole Opry.

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Country Music in AZ | Shari Rowe Releases Southern Spells to Country Radio

Shari Rowe released her newest single, “Southern Spells” to country radio May 22nd. Full of bluegrass and traditional country roots, along with plenty of fiddle. Rowe debuted her single with an interview and acoustic performance of “Southern Spells” on KGUN Channel 9‘s Tucson Morning Blend. She also performed on AZTV’s Sandy & Friends in Prescott, Arizona. Rowe will visit 95.1 KTTI, Yuma’s Hot Country in Yuma, Arizona and 92.9 KAFF Country’s in Flagstaff, Arizona.

“Southern Spells” is more outlaw country than we’ve heard from Rowe. Her western twist on this southern tale proves she has depth when it comes to songwriting. 

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Country In AZ | 10 Country Songs Perfect for Thanksgiving

Historically, Thanksgiving started as a feast to celebrate the yearly harvest. Thanksgiving has evolved. Each family has its own traditions passed down from generations. Over time, values and traditions grow and change. Here’s a list of 10 country songs perfect for keeping the true meaning of Thanksgiving – family, friends, and blessings. Thanksgiving is about coming together as a family and cherishing the memories. The lyrics in [Shari Rowe's] Family Gathering are relatable.

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Country Music in AZ | New Single Take That Shot

Shari Rowe released her new single “Take That Shot” September 19, 2016. New music from Rowe is long overdo. Rowe traveled to Nashville to record “Take That Shot” at the Grammy award-winning studio The Rukkus Room. The song showcases more than Rowe’s bluesy voice. The music behind the voice was created by Nashville’s best players who have supported artists like Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, andAlabama.

Shari Rowe is no stranger to the meaning behind “Take That Shot.” She believes life is all about taking chances. The song lyrics are the perfect example of taking a risk to be with that one person. Listen to your heart, put it all on the line, risk it all to fall in love.

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Country's Chatter | Shari Rowe Ready to TAKE THAT SHOT

Shari Rowe’s new single, “Take That Shot,” is set to release on Sept. 19, 2016. The song is what we would call ‘today’s country music’.  The light-hearted, up-tempo song will immediately remind you of just about everything you are already hearing on our Top 40 Country Stations. It is going to fit right in with what you are already used to hearing, and, at the same time give you something new to enjoy. Her vocals are nothing short of awesome, and the song nicely blends a touch of bluegrass and classic country with the music of today.

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Jukebox Mixtape | 5 Songs you need to hear now

"Rowe has a soft, melodic voice that is so sweet you never want her to stop singing. It’s the perfect time, what with the Holiday’s here and now, to think about those special moments you share with your family when you’re all together. Rowe captures that effortlessly with this beautiful, swaying country song."